How do you join Missouri Central Credit Union?

What is a credit union and how does a credit union work?

A credit union feels and functions like a bank in that you can make deposits and obtain loans but they are different in many important ways. A credit union is controlled by its members and functions on the principle of people helping people. Credit unions are not-for-profit establishments that serve members and provide a safe place to save and get loans with reasonable rates. The focus of a credit a union is to promote the best interest rates for members instead of shareholders, as banks do. 

What are the benefits of joining Missouri Central Credit Union?

Your funds in Missouri Central Credit Union are insured with the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) which is backed by the faith and credit of the United States government – just as the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) does for banks.  The fees we charge are fewer and lower than what is charged at banks. 

What are the benefits of joining Missouri Central Credit Union in a nut shell? 

  • As a customer of MCCU you are also a member/owner.
  • Member Bonus Dividends distributed to members: Together We Thrive!
  • As a credit union member you have equal status with the other members regardless of the size of your  accounts
  • Low minimums to open an account
  • MCCU exists to serve members.
  • Service is personalized to your specific financial goals and needs. 
  • We charge fewer and lower fees. 
  • You're working with real, local people in the Lee's Summit community.

If a member-focused community with individual attention that is tailored to your specific needs fits what you are looking for, you should investigate the best credit unions to join. At Missouri Central Credit Union, our profits are your profits and you will have fewer and lower fees for your financial products with your MCCU membership.

How do I join MCCU?

Now that you know what a credit union is, how do you join a credit union? 
MCCU makes joining a credit union easy. 

There are many ways to qualify for membership/ ownership:

  • A close family member already belongs to Missouri Central Credit Union
  • Your place of employment offers the benefit of a Missouri Central Union membership.
  • You are a member of the Missouri Council of Consumers
  • You are employed at another credit union
  • Your residence or place of employment is located in the following zip code areas:
Lee's Summit Kansas City
64063 64134
64064 64136
64081 64138
64082 64139
64086 64149


Blue Springs Independence Pleasant Hill
64013 64055 64080
64014 64057  
64015 64057  


Unity Village Grandview Greenwood Lone Jack Raytown
64065 64030 64034 64070 64133


Opening a savings account with a minimum deposit of $1 is all it takes to become a member of MCCU.

Become a member today and become a part of our “people helping people” financial community and receive the benefits of membership with great financial products and professionals to serve you. 

Together We Thrive!