Checking Accounts

What is a Checking Account and Why Should You Have One?

The answer to your everyday financial activities is a checking account. A checking account allows you to deposit money from your earnings, pay bills, use a debit card, access ATMs and write checks. While there are many types, the best checking account for you will match your banking requirements and financial goals. A free checking account with basic amenities may be what you are looking for or you may find that a premier account that pays interest is a 

Why is a Checking Account with a Credit Union Better than a Bank?

When it is time to open a checking account, choosing a credit union as your financial institution allows for smart advantages. Credit unions provide banking services, but credit unions are not –for-profit and customer owned.  We call our customers member/owners.  This structure equates to lower fees, better customer service and more favorable service to our community. Banks with free checking may hide maintenance fees and other monthly costs in fine print. Missouri Central Credit Union believes that free checking is free checking and we stick to just that!

Opening a free checking account with Missouri Central Credit Union affords you other free advantages, such as:

  • Mobile Deposit
  • Online Banking
  • Unlimited Bill Pay
  • Ability to earn Member Bonus Dividends

That’s right; we distribute profits to our account holders, including active checking account members, through improved products, additional features along with offering attractive rates and a Member Bonus Dividend.
If you are interested in a checking account, our friendly staff will show you how to open a checking account with us!

How Do You Open a Checking Account at Missouri Central Credit Union?

It is easy to join Missouri Central Credit Union and open a checking account!  If you qualify for any of the following criteria, we will gladly make you a member:

  • You live or work in one of zip codes designated on our “Join Us” web page
  • You have an immediate family member who belongs to Missouri Central Credit Union
  • Your employer offers membership at Missouri Central as an employee benefit
  • You belong to the Missouri Council of Consumers
  • You work for another credit union

There is no fee to join our credit union.  To become a member/owner, simply open a primary share savings account with as little as $25.   All members have access to all of our financial services, including our three checking accounts:

  • Free Checking Account
  • Premier Checking Account
  • Teen Checking Account

What to Look for in a Checking Account

When determining the best checking account for your unique banking needs, it is wise to consider your lifestyle and transaction activity. A checking account that is best suited to you will satisfy all your personal banking needs, and help you keep your money within your control.

When you are ready to open a checking account, ask yourself what the primary purpose of the account will be. Is it for month-to-month activity or bill pay? Perhaps travel or limited spending? Checking accounts come with different features and can be age driven.

Things to consider when evaluating various checking accounts:

  • Fees
  • Minimum Balance
  • Interest Bearing
  • Online Banking and Bill Pay
  • Mobile Access
  • ATM Access

If you are seeking free checking, it is wise to ask about any associated fees. The best free checking accounts do not have a monthly service charge or minimum balance fee. When you are evaluating a free checking account, inquire about costs that could be incurred for debit card replacement, early account closure, non-sufficient funds fees, or even paper statements. Avoiding potential charges will allow you to move forward with a truly free checking account.

Interest bearing accounts are ideal when you can commit to a monthly minimum balance. Choosing a checking account that pays interest each month may be a good choice. Often these types of accounts have a fee for dipping below a minimum balance requirement so make sure that you understand the details. Ask questions so you fully understand how balance requirements, fees, and interest will be applied.

Online banking and online bill pay can save you time and money. Most financial institutions offer these features free with your account. The beauty of online banking is that you can establish consistent bill pay and organize your monthly expenditures in a one-time set up. 

Mobile access to your account is a must in today’s busy digital world.  Mobile access allows you to manage your account, make transfers between your accounts, pay bills, and even deposit checks to your account at any time of the day or night.

There are many benefits of having a checking account.  Finding the right checking account for your unique banking needs will open up a world of services and benefits aimed at securing your financial goals and day-to-day banking requirements.  Whether it is a free checking account, a premier checking account or an account dedicated to a teen, Missouri Central Credit Union has the perfect checking account for you.

One of the first steps to opening up a new business is to establish your business checking account. You may be tempted to simply use your personal accounts for business purposes, but this is not a good financial or business decision. Having a separate business bank account makes it easier to track business finances. When business transactions are mingled with your normal household finances and expenses, it can be difficult to separate the business transactions from household transactions.  This creates even more work for you, as if you don’t have enough work to do as a business owner! If your business is large enough, it also may be beneficial to open separate accounts for revenue, collected sales tax, estimated income tax, and payroll. This can help keep your finances organized and make tax time a little less stressful.

Missouri Central Credit Union offers banking solutions for all your small business needs. We offer multiple options for you to choose from when you are setting up a small business checking account and have one of the best small business checking accounts in the area. We have knowledgeable staff to help you choose the best business checking account to suit your specific business banking needs and they can also assist you with the process of how to open a business bank account. Missouri Central Credit Union offers a free business checking account along with an interest bearing account.  Both feature options specifically focused on small business needs.

Free Business Checking Accounts

  • Free statements through the mail or paperless e.statements – your choice
  • Free night deposit bag
  • Free consumer bill pay
  • Free online checking viewing
  • Free access to your account online with CU OnLine
  • Free VISA® Debit Card
  • No minimum balance required
  • No monthly service charge
  • Free purchase alerts when you use your VISA® Debit Card - Click Here to Sign Up
  • Overdraft Protection from Business Savings
  • Cash and coin service
  • Merchant services available (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover) at an additional charge

Premier Business Checking Accounts

  • Interest paid monthly on the average daily balance
  • Monthly Service Charge of $10 waived when a daily balance of $500 is maintained in the account
  • Free VISA® Debit Card
  • Free access to your account with CU OnLine
  • Free online checking viewing
  • Free consumer bill pay
  • Free night deposit bag
  • Free statements through the mail or paperless e.statements – your choice
  • Free purchase alerts when you use your VISA® Debit Card - Click Here to Sign Up
  • Overdraft Protection from Business Savings
  • Cash and coin service
  • Merchant services available (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover) at an additional charge
  • Electronic check processing available powered by PACE, at an additional charge

Not sure how to open a business account?   Our experienced staff can help you!  Call or stop in today!

As a member you are also an owner, which means you could earn a Member Bonus Dividend payout, which is based on the services that you use. Ask us today how you can maximize your potential Member Bonus Dividend payout!