Why You Should Buy Yourself a Car in 2018

20 Reasons Why You Should Buy Yourself a Car in 2018:

1. Why Not?

2. Build credit.
Twenty eighteen is for good credit scores. If you’ve never needed to take out a loan, doing it in style is the perfect way. An auto loan is a very affordable way to build credit and establish a credit history, making future purchases easier.

3. Great rates.
Missouri Central Credit Union and Enterprise Care Sales have partnered to offer the best auto loan rates on newly used cars. View inventory now to start searching for the new ride!

4. It’s the perfect resolution.
New Year, new car, new you. Face it; if you haven’t worked out or eaten healthy all year, chances are, a 2018 isn’t going to be the ice breaker. A new car, however, is a resolution you can stick to! If you do stick to your resolution, then have no fear; car issues in the winter won’t force you to miss leg day.

5. Cheaper maintenance.
Older vehicles mean more issues that become more difficult to fix each year. A common issue car owners have when their old car poops out is finding parts. Each year there are more and more parts that are no longer being manufactured, making them more expensive to get.

6. How is the engine doing?
If your car is showing signs of engine issues like dirty coolant fluid, rust, or head gasket leaks, it may be cheaper to trade it in than fix it. If you’re familiar with dirty coolant fluid, call Missouri Central for information on trading in your car and financing a new vehicle.

7. Check Engine Light On?
When the electrical components in your vehicle start to go, all kinds of strange things can start happening that affect electrically powered parts of your vehicle like the windows or radio. The engine light seems to be illuminate more often than not in older cars, which could be a fuse issue, not just an engine issue.

8. What about your exhaust system?
Another common issue in snowy states like Missouri is the exhaust system. Cold, moist weather can make it rust out over time. These types of problems are very common in older vehicles. If your car is 10 years old, having to replace every part of the system is unreasonable. Newer model cars have made replacing components of the exhaust system much more convenient.

9. Hands-Free Driving.
You’re an adult, so no one can tell you what to do or how to drive…unless, of course, you’re texting. Distracted driving has become a serious issue and even illegal in some states so newer vehicle manufacturers are adjusting accordingly. Bluetooth is the new 6-Disc CD changer, haven’t you heard?

10. Trade in the clunker.
Speaking of trade-ins, when you’re young and dumb, having a clunker is acceptable. When you’ve entered adulthood and want to be treated as one, you have to look the part. Material objects aren’t everything, but they sure feel like it when you pull up to your new job in a rusty 1995 Ford Taurus. Let go, don’t look in the rear-view mirror, and trade in your old car!

11. Increase confidence.
Along with looking the part, you want to FEEL IT. We all have that one friend that we never ride with. If you’re that friend, wouldn’t it be nice to one day say, “I’ll drive!”

12. Winter is the best time to buy.
Frigid weather doesn’t make for very fun car shopping. This being said, car dealers make it a point to offer amazing prices during the winter. Christmas is the best time to buy a new car. Take advantage of winter car sales!

13. One mans ‘trash’ is another man’s treasure.
As a follow up to winter buying, part of the reason you can cut more costs on a new car in December versus mid-summer is because dealerships NEED to get rid of old inventory. Out with the old and in with the new! 2017 may be old for a dealership, but it’s BRAND NEW for you!

14. Gain independence.
There comes a time in life where you just have to set yourself free from those really important people we like to call parents. Letting go of the family car your parents handed down is the first step into adulthood.

15. Modern safety features = lower insurance rates.
First-time car buyers think that newer vehicles come with higher auto insurance. Technically, the risk associated with the vehicle is what determines how high or low your auto insurance will be. Older vehicles come with more risk resulting in higher insurance than a newer model. Auto loan rates can also differ depending on the year of your car.

16. Seat warmers.
Everyone deserves seat warmers, especially you. The family car got you from point A to point B, but as you get older, that just isn’t enough. Pamper yourself with some seat warmers or maybe even a sun roof!

17. Air-conditioning.
How is the AC holding up in your current vehicle? You may not be using it at this time of year, but just as a forewarning, air-conditioner repairs are EXPENSIVE, especially in older cars. At the end of the day, it may be easier just to buy a new vehicle when the AC goes out.

18. Road trips.
It’s 2018. Surely, you have a road trip in mind for the upcoming year. What better way to break in the new car than with the music up loud and windows down on the open road to somewhere awesome.

19. Warranty.
Many newer models come with warranties that you may have never even thought about if you’ve had the same car for so long. 5-10 year protection on your car will definitely come in handy down the road if you need it. Free oil change? You bet!

20. Selfie-worthy.
We all know the driver’s seat provides the best lighting and angle for selfies (even though it shouldn’t be). Now, you can take Instagram-worthy selfies in your new car, on your new car, outside your new car. Shoot, your new car could be so Instagram worthy it gets its own spot on your timeline. Nothing says 100 Likes more than a brand new car for Christmas!

Now that you know you need a new car, call Missouri Central today to get pre-approved in MINUTES. Not days, not hours, MINUTES. Then, check out all the inventory Enterprise has to choose from and I bet you’ll find that special one. You could have a new vehicle before your next Amazing Prime package even arrives!

Happy New Year!

Missouri Central Credit Union