What is EZ Bill Payer?

Our EZ Bill Payer is a convenient way to pay your bills on your home computer or mobile phone without having to leave your home.   How great is that!  You can save time and money and be in control of your payments quickly and securely.

Why use the MCCU Online Bill Payment Program?

It is so much easier to pay your bills on time when it is convenient to do so.  With the EZ Bill Payer from MCCU engaged, you will have all your bills in one spot.  This will eliminate the need to gather all of your invoices or log on to different websites to pay your bills.  You can utilize EZ Bill Payer to schedule recurring payments automatically as well as doing them manually on the day you choose.  EZ Bill Payer will eliminate the need to use up your checks and postage stamps you pay for and can save you the hassles of late fees if your payment does not arrive on time.   Your online payments will process much faster than payments sent through the mail. 

Secure Way to Pay Your Bills

Your payments through the EZ Bill Payer from MCCU will not get lost in the mail and thieves will not get their hands on your check for fraudulent activities.  Think about all of your personal information that can be found on your checks and paper statements; it would be prudent to keep these physical documents from traveling through the mail system.  

Financial institutions have the highest online security safeguards and compliance guidelines for obvious reasons; so utilizing our EZ Bill Payer from MCCU is a highly secure way to pay your bills conveniently.

Free with Any MCCU Checking Account

Our EZ Bill Payer is free with your Missouri Central Credit Union checking account and there is no limit to how many      bills you can pay each month.   This is just one more way Missouri Central Credit Union assists members with their financial matters.      

Puts You in Control

  • You are in control of your payments with EZ Bill Payer in a number of important ways:
  • All of your bills can be organized and secure in one place.
  • Saves you money on postage and checks.  (Average yearly savings is around $50).
  • Saves you time when paying your bills.
  • Safe guards you from late payments and late payment fees that can happen as a result.
  • You approve of the payment amount and timing of the payment insuring no surprises – You’re in control.
  • You have a record of your payment should it be called into question.
  • If you are away on vacation, you can still make your payments on your mobile phone.
  • You can keep an eye on your balance as you making payments.
  • EZ Bills Payer is one of the highest secure methods of paying your bills.

Get Started Today!

Enrolling is easy, but you’ll definitely want to get started on a desktop computer. Enroll in the EZ Bill Payer today!