Saving Money during Chiefs Season

It’s true; the FOMO (fear of missing out) is totally worth the price that comes with attending a game at Chiefs Kingdom. We pride ourselves in our ability to tailgate like there’s no tomorrow and hold the first place position for loudest stadium in the NFL since 2014.

Since missing every home game is just not an option, we’ve compiled a great list of ways you can save money during Chiefs season and still get to be in on all the fun. 
Let’s start with the tickets.

There are two things that you, as a Chiefs fan, need to get over and that’s the nosebleed section and preseason.

Tickets are going for less than $20 for tonight’s preseason game against the Packers! There is still time to snag a ticket and head to the Kingdom.

During regular season, it’s common knowledge that ticket sales fluctuate depending on a number of factors such as game time and day, team performance, the other team performance, etc. Just like food, the closer it is to the date, the cheaper it will get. Try snagging some tickets in the days leading up to the game when sellers are trying to get rid of tickets last-minute.

Another option, one that also prevents you from ever missing a game, is the Bud Light Game Day Pass. This pass is available here and may seem familiar, as you’ve probably seen the below ad on Facebook a few times over the last few weeks:

The Bud Light Game Day pass is only $200 for the remaining 9 home games and also includes your first concession item on the house! Of course these are 300 level seats, but no matter where you’re seated at Arrowhead, there is no lack of energy. The fans that have spent a Sunday at Arrowhead know that just being there is a blessing in itself. Not to mention, there is nothing better than a free hotdog at Arrowhead.
One of the most common, yet overlooked, expenses that comes with attending a Chiefs game?

Not only is it pricy to park, but it will defintely test your patience. Carpooling to Chiefs games is CRUCIAL. Arrowhead has been taking measures to make parking at the Kingdom more seamless, one being the price of parking tickets. Purchasing tickets at the gate is extremely expensive, as it encourages fans to purchase a parking ticket online before the game. A nice life hack? Carpool with a few people a split the cost.This year, it costs $35 to park at Arrowhead if you order online and a whopping $60 at the gate.

A few other Life Hacks for surviving Chiefs season on a budget:

1. Big Macs for Sacs, local pizza promotions, and game day specials will keep you full all winter long.

On game day in KC, the streets, restaurants, and even water fountains, are bleeding red. Basically, if you’re paying full price for anything on (or the day after) game day, you’re paying too much. In this foodie city of ours, it is undeniable that local bars and restaurants will have a Chiefs game day special running.

Every season, McDonalds offers BOGO Free Big Macs the day after a sack is made by the Chiefs defense. Simple as that!

As of this season, we welcome Pizza Hut as the new official pizza sponsor of the NFL! We can almost bet that there will be lots of local specials coming our way once the season kicks off.

2. Stay away from ANYWEHRE inside Arrowhead selling merch! There are PLENTY of local shops, grocery stores, and sports stores in the area with much more affordable Chiefs wear.

3. Check for employee discounts. If you work for a local company, school, or organization that supports Chiefs football, then there’s a good chance you could be eligible for a discount on tickets. It is always in your best interest to see what all you can get from your employer.

4. Eat and drink before the game.

1 hotdog at Arrowhead: $5 (average)
5-pack of brats from HyVee: $3.99
1 can Bud Light at Arrowhead: $8 (average)
24-pack Bud Light at HyVee: $14.99

5. Unpopular teams = cheaper games.

Yep, unfortunately it’s going to cost you a bit more to attend a Broncos or Raiders game than the Chargers. Denver and Oakland seem to be two of our biggest rivals, making the price of tickets rise with the tension.

6. Bring in a factory sealed water bottle that is 20oz or less.

Arrowhead is one of a few stadiums in the NFL that allows fans to bring in a water bottle. Many fans don’t realize this and have to pay for water once inside the game. Bring your unopened water bottle then fill it up with tap for the remainder of the game.

Whether you’re trying to make it to every home game on a budget, trying to fit one in your schedule this season, or simply enjoy finding places to watch the games, FOMO is not happening in Chiefs Kingdom with all these amazing ways to save money on the experience. Go Chiefs!