Refinancing a Car with MCCU

Within 3 minutes (give or take), I can have the latest news, quite possibly to the current minute, birth date, name of spouse, and occupation of someone that I didn’t even know existed. “Knowledge is power,” wrote Sir Francis Bacon sometime in 1597, which I only know because I just looked it up, but we’ve all heard it before. We cherish the information that we have access to so fluidly because it gives us power, so much power that there is no reason you should be feeling ‘stuck’ in your car loan.

Dealerships and even banks feed off of those who have not done their research, but can you blame them? Everyone has to eat somehow! Buying a new car, especially if it’s your first, is truly among the most liberating feelings. The bad news is; you, along with many others, didn’t shop around enough and somehow missed the fine print. Whoops!

Good News: Refinancing Your Car IS Possible.

Missouri Central Credit Union is passionate about providing the best refinancing option for YOU. Instead of just plugging your numbers into a formula to decide what you’re qualified for, like many banks and dealerships do, Missouri Central takes into consideration many factors; especially the ones that you think are holding you back, and uses those things to determine a refinancing strategy that fits YOU.
Many people either didn’t know that they could refinance an auto loan or simply haven’t tried. Refinancing your car loan through a credit union from another lender can lower monthly payments AND shorten your term.

Not to mention, loans at Missouri Central come with no application fee, no prepayment penalties, and flexible payment options.

Lets break this down for you with a little Q & A:

Q: If Missouri Central is lowering my monthly payment, potentially shortening my term, and not charging me any application fees, then what’s the catch?
A: There isn’t one. Because credit unions are owned and operated by their members, people like you and me, they must operate to promote the well-being of these members.

Q: But what if I’m not a member?
A: You can still get a loan from Missouri Central without being a member, but if you have enough for a car, I bet you have $25.00 to throw into a checking account! Plus, becoming a member makes you part owner, so why not benefit from the profits made by your credit union?

So now that you’re no longer suffering from lack of information, the power to dig yourself out of that hole and refinance your vehicle through Missouri Central is all yours.