Home Improvements That Produce the Best Return on Investment (ROI)

A reminder for homeowners and homeowners-to-be: in regards to return on investment (ROI), home improvement projects can be good, bad, and undoubtedly ugly. Your home is a large investment, so to help guide you we have prioritized home renovation projects based on two separate factors: the best time of year for home renovation projects and highest to lowest return on investment.

The Best Time of Year for Home Improvement Projects

The best time of the year for home renovation projects really depends on the specific region you are in. Whether the weather is good or bad it affects the ability to complete a project, and the price of the project. Generally speaking when the weather is good, you are in what we call the “peak season”, the ability to complete a project is high so the price is harmoniously high. In what we call the “off season”, work is cheap because jobs for contractors are scarce. However, in the off season, jobs are much more difficult to get completed. Below we break down the 3 time frames in the year that home improvement contractors take on jobs.

Peak Season

Peak season is typically around May through September. This is the most expensive time to do home renovations because the demand is so high. Most reputable contractors have jobs lined up through the peak season, so it’s important to get a jump on scheduling your home improvement project early.


The offseason yields less work and materials can be cheaper so this is an excellent time do home improvement projects. The biggest downside is the unpredictable weather in the offseason, but that usually only applies to exterior projects.

Low Season

Low season occurs during severe winter months. This time frame can also lead to substantial discounts on services and materials. If you are a risk taker, and potential delays don’t scare you, the low season might be the time to hire that home improvement contractor.

Home Renovations That Create the Best ROI

(Percentages based on national averages)

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Garage Door Replacement – 98%

At the top of the list, maybe not the most glamorous, garage door replacement has the best ROI among any other home improvement project. You get out almost exactly what you put in with a garage door. This is because it can instantly improve your home’s curb appeal. 

Manufactured Stone Veneer – 97%

Again we reference back to those 2 words, curb appeal. An actual stone veneer can weigh on your wallet for both cost of material and cost of service. However, a manufactured stone veneer is a much more frugal option that will make you proud of your home or catch a potential buyer’s eye.

Entry Door Replacement – 91%

An entry door can accent your home and make a significant statement. Oh and the best part, you are still recouping a large portion of your investment by replacing your entry door!

Deck Addition – 83%

A wooden deck completed properly can be a beautiful addition to either the front or back of your home. A front wooden deck addition improves your home’s curb appeal, while a back deck addition provides an inviting space to entertain friends and family.

Minor Kitchen Remodel – 81%

Minor kitchen remodels are a refined approach to improving your home’s interior. Rather than completely redoing your kitchen, you can improve components like flooring, cabinets, cabinet hardware, appliances, adding a breakfast bar, the list goes on. This is still a great return on investment at 81%.

Siding Replacement – 76%

Siding replacement can be an immense improvement for your home’s exterior appearance. It’s not always the first thing that comes to mind when home renovations are the topic of discussion. Coming at #6 on highest return on investment, if your home exterior needs a boost, we recommend considering replacing that siding.

Pro tip: Try hiring a professional pressure-washing company first before replacing your home’s siding.

Vinyl Window Replacement – 74%

Replacing your windows with vinyl is a twofer. Not only does it improve the look of your home, but new vinyl windows increases your home’s efficiency and energy saving abilities. Which ultimately means it saves you more money in the long run.

Roofing Replacement – 68%

Roofing replacement and its return on investment really depend on the region your home is in. For example on the east coast, roofing replacement has a much higher ROI than roofing replacement in the Midwest. The market plays a big factor in ROI so doing some local research will definitely be beneficial. But in general, roofing replacement like many other home improvements can improve your home’s curb appeal and also your home’s energy efficiency.

Master Suite Addition – 57%

Realtors are seeing more and more home buyer’s with an interest in master bedroom suites, or just larger master bedrooms in general. A master suite addition doesn’t have the greatest ROI; however it is still a beneficial improvement to put on the list.

Backyard Patio – 47%

While it has little to no curb appeal, renovating your backyard patio can definitely improve your home’s overall experience. Who can turn down an outdoor kitchen or a fire pit on a nice summer night?
Home Improvement in the Lee’s Summit & Surrounding Areas

If you ask any Midwesterner, they will most likely have something to say about how extreme and diverse our weather can be. The summers are blistering hot, while the winters can be so unbearably cold and at any point in the year the seasons can flip-flop. This correlates with hiring home improvement contractors.
In Missouri, peak season is typically around April to October. The offseason for the midwest is usually anywhere from November to March. Our conclusion to home improvements in the Kansas City area is: plan for spring or fall. Temperatures average out, and are often times bearable around this time of the year. But if you are moving to the area, beware of the weather. It is unique to say the least. 

Financing with Missouri Central Credit Union

Whether you’re looking to put your home on the market or not, these home renovations will improve the overall living space, look and value of your home. When you’re ready to talk financing, the team at Missouri Central Credit Union can help you make the right decision on what type of loan is right for your home improvement project.