Benefits of Credit Union Car Loans

As a current resident of the Kansas City Metropolitan area, you know the importance of having a vehicle. While public transportation is becoming more popular across the world, Kansas City still relies heavily on private transportation to get from point A to point B. Think about it, even a trip to Kauffman Stadium for a Royals game is virtually impossible without a vehicle! This being said, the biggest road block that comes with owning a car? Buying one.

Luckily, credit unions have made it much easier and cheaper to get a car loan. CUDL, otherwise known as Credit Union Direct Lending, has made credit union car loan options available to members at over 6,500 new-car dealerships in the United States. It is important to consult your credit union (or come to Missouri Central) when the idea of an auto loan comes to mind. Credit unions offer the most competitive rates, they are more flexible with payments, and are typically easier and faster to get.

First off, it is important to reiterate: credit unions are open to anyone! A common misconception about credit unions is that they are only open to employees of certain companies or industries. Well, times have changed – most credit unions will allow anyone to join. Ask your dealership of interest if they work with credit unions!

Missouri Central Credit Union has vehicle loan options available for members (and future members!), whether it’s to purchase a new car or refinance your current daily driver. Loans from Missouri Central Credit Union require no application fee; no prepayment penalties, your choice in payment date, AND come with warranty, GAP, and payment protection plans! We are transparent with our clients, ensuring that all rates and fees are discussed and understood by the borrower. View our loan rates.

A vehicle loan from a credit union like Missouri Central has the personal appeal that cannot be found through a bank, as credit unions are generally smaller in nature and employees have more face-to-face interactions with their customers. According to CUDL spokesman Bill Meyer, credit unions are more likely to work with you than banks are if difficulty making payments arises at some point during your term.