10 Ways to Treat Yourself on a Budget

The cost of self-care can be pretty expensive. Often times, spending money on yourself seems like a not-so-important expense when you’ve got family, friends, kids, school, work, and all of life’s other greatest joys to worry about. At the end of the day, though, treating yourself can offer the most value.
We’ve come up with 10 virtually free ways to pamper yourself on a budget.

1. Sleep In.
The most affordable self-pampering you can possibly do AND it provides the best ROI! Sleep is free and crucial to being your best self. Reward yourself by sleeping in next Saturday or take the morning off to do so. Sleep has a direct correlation with your well-being. Lack of sleep can cause emotional distress, weight gain, frequent headaches, and believe it or not, make you really tired and grumpy.

2. Exercise.
Number 2 is almost as obvious as number 1. Sweating and getting your heart rate up releases certain endorphins that trigger happiness in the body. There are two excuses that always stop people from working out; lack of time and lake of money. The Planet Fitness in Lee’s Summit has made it extremely affordable to have a gym membership, so the money excuse is out the window. Lack of time is more understandable, but still a pretty bad excuse. Take 30 minutes to do some stretches, go for a quick jog, or even just do some jumping jacks to get your heart rate up.

3. Take a personal day.
How long has it been since your last day off? Most full-time positions offer PTO or vacation time. Every once in a while, it is perfectly okay to use one of these days as a personal or mental health day. You’ll be glad you did! Not only will you be happy, but so will your coworkers. A day of relaxation can go along way!

4. Actual Pampering.
Get your nails done! No, not the full pedicure equipped with Himalayan sea salt scrub, extra designs, and pumice stone for $50. A basic manicure is anywhere from $8-$15 at most Lee’s Summit nail salons. If painted nails aren’t your thing, try a quick eyebrow wax. Getting your brows done is about the same price as a basic manicure and both are quick ways to make yourself look and feel good.

5. Breakfast for Dinner?
Yup! It’s delicious and affordable to grab some toast and eggs and whip up an amazing, gourmet meal! The good thing about breakfast is that most dishes can be made in small portions so you don’t have to worry about leftovers.

6. Have a glass of wine (at home).
A glass of wine at a restaurant, even during happy hour, can cost the same amount as the entire bottle. Going out for a glass or two of wine can get expensive, fast! Run to the grocery store for a decent bottle of red and enjoy yourself.

7. Take a hot bath.
Taking a hot bath can help to elevate your mood, help you sleep better, relieve muscle pain, relieve cold & flu symptoms, and reduce blood pressure. Some argue that a hot bath can even burn calories!

8. Volunteer.
Yes, it seems cliché, but it’ll make you feel better. Finding a cause, even when you’re lost at sea and financially struggling, can bring a significant amount of value to your life that you didn’t even know you needed. Missouri Central Credit Union has worked with animal shelters, Hope House, Toys for Tots, and many other organizations throughout Kansas City.

9. Re-decorate or rearrange.
Rearranging the living room or switching up the décor is a great distraction from real life and allows you to use your creativity in a different way. Moving the couch from one wall to another is free and offers a great change of pace. If you hate it tomorrow, you can move it back!

10. Go to a gallery/museum – the Nelson Atkins is free.
Art museums and galleries are great places to go, even alone, because they are always affordable and more often than not, it’s pretty quiet inside. Head down to the Nelson Atkins Museum to ponder some of the world’s greatest creations for free!